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Settlement Agreement

Click below to view the Settlement Agreement, the schedules to the Settlement Agreement, and the Agreement in Principle.    


Settlement Agreement

Schedule A - Draft CEP Application Form   

Schedule B - Dioceses of the Anglican Church  
Schedule C - Roman Catholic Entities  
Schedule D - Independent Assessment Process  
Schedule E - Residential Schools 
Schedule F - Additional Residential Schools 
Schedule G - Anglican Releasees 
Schedule H - Catholic Releasees  
Schedule I - Trust Agreement  
Schedule J - Commemoration Policy Directive
Schedule K - Settlement Notice Plan  
Schedule L - Process Flow Chart  
Schedule M - Funding Agreement between the Aboriginal Healing Foundation and Canada  
Schedule N - Mandate for Truth and Reconciliation Commission  
Schedule O-1 - The Presbyterian Church Entities in Canada Agreement   
Schedule O-2 - The Anglican Entities Agreement   
Schedule O-3 - The Catholic Entities Church Agreement  
Schedule O-4 - The United Church of Canada Agreement  
Schedule P - IAP Full and Final Release  
Schedule Q - Treasury Board Travel Directive  
Schedule R - No Prejudice Commitment Letter   
Schedule S - National Certification Committee Members  
Schedule T - ADR Pilot Projects
Schedule U - IAP Working Group Members
Schedule V - Agreement between the Government of Canada and the Merchant Law Group Respecting the Verification of Legal Fees
Agreement in Principle

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CEP and IAP Claim Forms  CEP Reconsideration Form  CEP NAC Appeal Form

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Kivalliq Hall Notice  Kivalliq Hall - Personal Credits Notice  Independent Assessment Process

Truth and Reconciliation  National Administration Committee (NAC)  NAC Report to Supervising Courts

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